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MCAT Organic Chemistry Video DVDs 




These MCAT Organic Chemistry Video DVDs described below with lecture-style science review can be played on a regular DVD player, PC (min. of Pentium 200 MHz) or Apple computer (min. Mac OS X - Panther).  Ready for the current all new Computer Based MCAT CBT, the price is $99 for all 4 MCAT Organic Chemistry Video DVDs, only $5 for Shipping and Handling (continental US and Canada).  These videos are also useful for the PCAT, DAT Test, OAT, premed or introductory level (first year) college or university "Orgo".




Here is your Video DVD index (time in min:sec):




Stereochemistry I 5:49
Stereochemistry II 11:06
Stereochemistry III 5:39
Reaction Mechanisms I 12:43
Reaction Mechanisms II 4:56
Reaction Mechanisms III 9:02
The Carbonyl Group I 3:18
The Carbonyl Group II 5:05




The Carbonyl Group III 5:43
Acetals/Ketals I 15:45
Acetals/Ketals II 11:34
Substitution I 8:46
Substitution II 5:19
Substitution III 5:01
Carboxylic Acids I 4:17
Carboxylic Acids II 3:21




The Tetrahedryl Intermediate 8:03
Amides 8:35 
Elimination I* 10:45
Elimination II* 8:33
Alkenes I* 5:50
Free Radicals 6:16
Redox Reactions 5:21




Redox Reactions II* 3:16
Redox Reactions III 5:08
Aromatic Rings I* 18:38
Aromatic Rings II* 3:13
Spectroscopy 6:16
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 11:33
Elimination vs. Substitution* 9:45

Teacher`s biography: Dr. Brett Ferdinand has written the #1 text fully updated for the MCAT:  The Gold Standard MCAT published by RuveneCo.  He also wrote The Silver Bullet: Real MCATs Explained.  He is a medical doctor with extensive knowledge of this test because he aced the exam, he teaches undergraduate students and he has written about the Medical College Admission Test for 10 years.  Dr. Ferdinand teaches MCAT
Organic Chemistry on these Video DVDs.

 Organic Chemistry video DVDs to help you ace the MCAT!

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These videos are also useful for the PCAT, DAT Test, OAT, premed or introductory level (first year) college or university "Orgo".